Top Excursion Stop Ideas When on a Cruise Vacation

Cruise vacations provide an incredible experience. In fact, you should go on a cruise vacation if you’ve never gone on one. Some people think that when you go on cruise vacation, you stay at the sea throughout the duration of the trip. However, this is not true. After spending some time at the sea, cruises make stopovers at designated destinations to give patrons more unique experiences.


When booking a cruise vacation, you will be prompted with a brochure or directed to a platform where the company has detailed its programme for the tour. Before you start thinking about the things to do while on cruise vacation, find out what the company will offer you in terms of excursion stops.


Here are some of the top excursion stop ideas to consider when you want to make your cruise vacation better.

Sightseeing Tours

Companies that provide cruise vacations focus on taking patrons to destinations with unique historic attributes and scenes. During the course of the trip, they make stops at selected places patrons enjoy great sightseeing tours. Depending on where they make the stops, you can take time to enjoy the views of classic architecture, wildlife and cultures. For a more fulfilling experience, book a driver or tour guide to take you around during the stops.


Shopping is also an interesting excursion idea for cruise vacations. If not all, there are several destinations for shopping while on cruise vacation. In almost every destination where the cruise ship will stop, you will find many places to do your shopping for different kinds of items. In fact, the vacation is an opportunity for you to personally sample a wide range of products from different parts of the world.

Late Night and Overnight Nightlife Experiences

In an attempt to meet the varying needs of patrons during cruise vacations, most companies offer late night and overnight excursions. Such offerings enable patrons to experience nightlife in different destinations without worrying about being left behind. Companies that offer such services book hotels where patrons can experience the nightlife fully. This includes hotels that enable patrons to spend nights visiting different places inland. Some of the things to during late night and overnight excursions include wine tasting, clubbing and sightseeing.

Soft Adventures

When on an excursion stop during a cruise vacation, there are numerous soft adventures that you can indulge in. Despite their title, these are exhilarating activities that will see your adrenalin flowing uncontrollably. Some of the soft adventures to try out include swimming with dolphins, rafting, rock climbing, hiking, all-terrain vehicle tours, kayaking and zip lining. Some activities may be breathtaking but they will give you an opportunity to truly enjoy the natural scenes of the destinations.

Water Activities

Water activities are among the major excursions that you shouldn’t miss out when you go on cruise vacation. There are different types of water activities that you can engage in including diving, deep sea fishing, snorkeling, parasailing and catamaran rides. Besides, horseback surfing is another incredible excursion to try out. Be careful to carefully check the excursion descriptions to choose the most ideal water activities depending on what interests you.

Private Tours

If the excursion descriptions fail to provide something that you like, arrange for customized, private tours. Private tours allow you the unique benefits of choosing what to do during the excursions. The cruise company can provide a cruise vacation professional to guide you through choosing activities that will compliment your personal tastes and preferences.

Based on your budget and the excursion stop destinations, your cruise vacation service provider will help you choose the best activities to make your trip more fun and remarkable.

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