For Those Who Can’t Travel – Throw A Travel Themed Party!

If you love to travel or got back from an amazing trip, and want to share your passion with your friends and family, then throwing a travel themed party is the best choice. Whether it is your birthday or baby shower celebrations, a travel themed party can fit in any event.

Here is how to throw the best travel themed party:

Make it More Than Just Travel

Once you have decided on the travel theme, there are few more things to consider. One has to narrow the theme down to something specific and let that guide you. Think about the occasion and blend the travel theme within the event. You should also consider someone’s age, gender, style, and interests.

Travel themes:

Vintage travel, destinations, national flags, maps and navigation, airplanes or air travel.

Party Invitations

The best way to get any party started with a bang is great invites. Add a little creativity to your invitations that will set the tone for the entire party. Include the following things:

Date and time, theme, location, dress code (if any), catering expectations, things guests can bring along, RSVP date and contact details.

Food and Drink

Consider the number of guests, space, and budget and plan the food accordingly. Is the party going to be standing room only or intimate table dinner? Are you buying food, making, or combination? Do you want a buffet or finger food? These are the things to consider when planning the food setup.

Travel Themed Decorations 

When decorating for a travel party, one needs to keep the budget in mind. Things can go from 0 to 100 within seconds. You can make your own DIY crafty pieces or buy in wholesale. Make sure to add pictures and stamps of your travel or favorite destination.

Include a Photographer or Photo Booth

Photos make any event come to life and keep the moment alive forever. Do yourself and your guests a favor and either create your own photo booth with travel themed backgrounds and travel props or hire a photo booth company and tell them what your party is about so they can bring the appropriate equipment and materials to fit your theme. Photo Booth Winnipeg has catered to many travel themed parties and offers a great party service.

Setting the Mood

Music is the heart of any party. Create a travel-themed playlist in advance and don’t forget about the lighting. Lower the lights, sparkle up the room with candles, and create a festive mood with disco-esque music.

Party Favors

Don’t let your guests leave without a souvenir of your great party. Party favors are an amazing way to give your guests something special. Add travel themed party favors of your favorite city or destination and enjoy the smiles on everyone’s faces.

Travel themed party is the best way to showcase your wanderlust and inspire your guests towards their next big adventure.