For Those Who Can’t Travel – Throw A Travel Themed Party!

If you love to travel or got back from an amazing trip, and want to share your passion with your friends and family, then throwing a travel themed party is the best choice. Whether it is your birthday or baby shower celebrations, a travel themed party can fit in any event.

Here is how to throw the best travel themed party:

Make it More Than Just Travel

Once you have decided on the travel theme, there are few more things to consider. One has to narrow the theme down to something specific and let that guide you. Think about the occasion and blend the travel theme within the event. You should also consider someone’s age, gender, style, and interests.

Travel themes:

Vintage travel, destinations, national flags, maps and navigation, airplanes or air travel.

Party Invitations

The best way to get any party started with a bang is great invites. Add a little creativity to your invitations that will set the tone for the entire party. Include the following things:

Date and time, theme, location, dress code (if any), catering expectations, things guests can bring along, RSVP date and contact details.

Food and Drink

Consider the number of guests, space, and budget and plan the food accordingly. Is the party going to be standing room only or intimate table dinner? Are you buying food, making, or combination? Do you want a buffet or finger food? These are the things to consider when planning the food setup.

Travel Themed Decorations 

When decorating for a travel party, one needs to keep the budget in mind. Things can go from 0 to 100 within seconds. You can make your own DIY crafty pieces or buy in wholesale. Make sure to add pictures and stamps of your travel or favorite destination.

Include a Photographer or Photo Booth

Photos make any event come to life and keep the moment alive forever. Do yourself and your guests a favor and either create your own photo booth with travel themed backgrounds and travel props or hire a photo booth company and tell them what your party is about so they can bring the appropriate equipment and materials to fit your theme. Photo Booth Winnipeg has catered to many travel themed parties and offers a great party service.

Setting the Mood

Music is the heart of any party. Create a travel-themed playlist in advance and don’t forget about the lighting. Lower the lights, sparkle up the room with candles, and create a festive mood with disco-esque music.

Party Favors

Don’t let your guests leave without a souvenir of your great party. Party favors are an amazing way to give your guests something special. Add travel themed party favors of your favorite city or destination and enjoy the smiles on everyone’s faces.

Travel themed party is the best way to showcase your wanderlust and inspire your guests towards their next big adventure.

Top Excursion Stop Ideas When on a Cruise Vacation

Cruise vacations provide an incredible experience. In fact, you should go on a cruise vacation if you’ve never gone on one. Some people think that when you go on cruise vacation, you stay at the sea throughout the duration of the trip. However, this is not true. After spending some time at the sea, cruises make stopovers at designated destinations to give patrons more unique experiences.


When booking a cruise vacation, you will be prompted with a brochure or directed to a platform where the company has detailed its programme for the tour. Before you start thinking about the things to do while on cruise vacation, find out what the company will offer you in terms of excursion stops.


Here are some of the top excursion stop ideas to consider when you want to make your cruise vacation better.

Sightseeing Tours

Companies that provide cruise vacations focus on taking patrons to destinations with unique historic attributes and scenes. During the course of the trip, they make stops at selected places patrons enjoy great sightseeing tours. Depending on where they make the stops, you can take time to enjoy the views of classic architecture, wildlife and cultures. For a more fulfilling experience, book a driver or tour guide to take you around during the stops.


Shopping is also an interesting excursion idea for cruise vacations. If not all, there are several destinations for shopping while on cruise vacation. In almost every destination where the cruise ship will stop, you will find many places to do your shopping for different kinds of items. In fact, the vacation is an opportunity for you to personally sample a wide range of products from different parts of the world.

Late Night and Overnight Nightlife Experiences

In an attempt to meet the varying needs of patrons during cruise vacations, most companies offer late night and overnight excursions. Such offerings enable patrons to experience nightlife in different destinations without worrying about being left behind. Companies that offer such services book hotels where patrons can experience the nightlife fully. This includes hotels that enable patrons to spend nights visiting different places inland. Some of the things to during late night and overnight excursions include wine tasting, clubbing and sightseeing.

Soft Adventures

When on an excursion stop during a cruise vacation, there are numerous soft adventures that you can indulge in. Despite their title, these are exhilarating activities that will see your adrenalin flowing uncontrollably. Some of the soft adventures to try out include swimming with dolphins, rafting, rock climbing, hiking, all-terrain vehicle tours, kayaking and zip lining. Some activities may be breathtaking but they will give you an opportunity to truly enjoy the natural scenes of the destinations.

Water Activities

Water activities are among the major excursions that you shouldn’t miss out when you go on cruise vacation. There are different types of water activities that you can engage in including diving, deep sea fishing, snorkeling, parasailing and catamaran rides. Besides, horseback surfing is another incredible excursion to try out. Be careful to carefully check the excursion descriptions to choose the most ideal water activities depending on what interests you.

Private Tours

If the excursion descriptions fail to provide something that you like, arrange for customized, private tours. Private tours allow you the unique benefits of choosing what to do during the excursions. The cruise company can provide a cruise vacation professional to guide you through choosing activities that will compliment your personal tastes and preferences.

Based on your budget and the excursion stop destinations, your cruise vacation service provider will help you choose the best activities to make your trip more fun and remarkable.

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Useful Tips For The Solo Traveller

Some people put off travel dreams just because they don’t have travel partners. However, you can still travel and explore the world alone. You just need to gather courage to go it alone. When you travel alone, you are bound to meet many people out there. In fact, single travelers enjoy the freedom of doing the things they like without consulting anyone.

Generally, solo travel is very personal. It gives you an opportunity to explore, reflect, and discover more about you. It is fun, vivid, challenging, and exhilarating. Nevertheless, you need tips to guide you to make your solo travel experience exceptional.

Stay in a Place that has Positive Ratings

You may feel vulnerable when you travel to an unfamiliar place alone. Before you book accommodation, conduct some research. Stay in hotels or places with positive reviews or ratings. Reviews provide insights into what you can expect from the neighborhood, the host, and tenants that you may share the property with.

Avoid Single Supplement Lodgings

Some hotels and cruise lines require people to share properties. To spend night in lodging alone, you might be asked to pay for single supplement to enable the travel agent to make revenue just like they would do if you purchased a travel companion. Make sure that the fee for this is disclosed before you travel or book. If not, ask before you confirm your reservation.

Meet Other People

To break monotony while traveling alone, interact with other people. These can be other travelers or locals at your travel destination. You can even use online platforms to find whether there are other travelers in the same destination.

Relax While Eating

Meals provide a great time to unwind. Be yourself while eating. You can also strike conversations with bartenders and waiters. If there are no people to talk to, sit down and reflect. You can also use this time to plan your day or catch up on your emails.

Although many people dread solo trips, they provide some of the best travel experiences. You just need a positive attitude and take time to plan your trip. Use technology to learn about your travel destination and plan accordingly before you travel.

How to Plan the Ultimate Family Vacation on a Limited Budget

Sometimes planning a family vacation can give you a tremendous headache. With the ever increasing prices of gas and airline tickets; family vacations have started to lose their appeal because they are financially stressful. However, having a good times with your family doesn’t necessary need to break the bank. By using these useful tips that I am going to give you about how to get more out of your budget, your going to learn that there is fun to be had just about everywhere, and most of the time it is often free.

Look for vacation rentals. A vacation rental is often more economical than paying for a hotel room, and booking room for a extra family member can double your expenses. Vacation rentals are more economical and they come with other advantages, like a living room and a kitchen.

Eat in. If you want to reduce your family vacation expenses, eating in is a great idea. Research has shown that the average person spends more money eating out when they are on vacation than they do on lodging. If you choose to go with a vacation rental, you will be able to save a lot of money by simple preparing your own meals.

Choose a location that is close to your home. With the cost of gas at a all time high, people tend to spend a lot of money travelling to their vacation destination. If you can find an attractive location that is within 300 miles from your home, you will cut down on your travelling expenses, and still have an exciting, but cheap family vacation.

Book your family vacation during non-peak travelling seasons. It’s a lot easier to find affordable family vacation packages if you book a room during non-peak travel season. Non-peak travel times are usually before Memorial Day, or towards the end of the summer, before school starts.

Take your friends along. Try to plan a affordable family vacation that you can take with your friends. This will make your vacation all that much more exciting. In addition, you can take turns babysitting, this will give you the chance to spend some quality time with your spouse knowing your children are safe.

Bring your own entertainment along. If you choose a vacation rental, you will have plenty of room to store your board games, roller skates, golf clubs, and fishing gears this way you won’t have to spend money renting equipment that you already own.

Look for a family vacation destination that is fun and free. If you want to go on a affordable family vacation, try choosing a destination that has built-in activities, like the mountains or the beach. This way you can have plenty of fun hiking or swimming, or simply just admire the splendid view.

It might be true that vacations tend to cost more these days than they used to. Although if you plan your vacation wisely and start planning it in advance, you will have a better chance of finding a affordable family vacation that is just as exciting as the more expensive packages. A peaceful vacation with your family is a perfect time to forget about DVD players, video games and MP3 players, and rediscover the joy of playing board games or teaching our kids how to scrapbook.


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Improving Basic Travel Safety

Whether you’re preparing to embark on a month, a semester, or a year overseas, and you want to learn how to improve your travel security, there are quick and easy ways to get started. Travel safety e-learning courses have filled a huge gap compared to what was previously available, offering online travel safety training which is quick, convenient, affordable, and most importantly of all, effective.

One of the huge benefits to online corporate travel safety is that the course material can be brought with you on the move. Whether you want to brush up on the best practices of safety while you’re waiting in the airport, or after you already find yourself overseas, these courses can be completed from anywhere.

There’s no need to attend an in-person seminar only offered at one particular location at one specific time. Learn when and where it makes sense, and ensure you can fit it into your own schedule.

Plus, being offered electronically opens up the doors to a great range of interactive and user-friendly content. Forget about reading exhausting guides which bore you with details without actually showing you how to do anything you need

Instead, watch videos, animations and demonstrations of essential tips and guidelines. This actually prepares you for the real world while helping you to retain your new insight. You won’t just read something, you’ll see how those tips actually are transferable into actions.

Today’s best travel safety e-learning courses are both quick and affordable. Time is of the essence, so streamlined courses which are designed to be completed in just an hour are highly advantageous. And keeping costs down is always important, so affordable one-time fees for online courses you get to keep for a lifetime is a smart investment.

Beyond the individual looking to protect himself, online courses are great for organizations looking to take care of everyone under their direction. That includes online corporate travel safety for entire departments and offices, ensuring duty of care requirements are easily fulfilled, as well as courses with student travel safety tips purchased for a university’s entire study abroad program, so every student has the wherewithal to be safe.

To learn more about being safe while travelling, visit the Better Health Channel.

Travel Insurance Must Know Tips

Travelling is one activity that every individual must undertake at one time or the other; it does not matter what the purpose of travel is, or whether the travel is local or international. A lot of people actually look forward to travelling to other parts of the world for various reasons and purposes, including but not limited to business, tourism, vacation, pilgrimage, education and for medical attention.

The euphoria to travel outside of one’s domain usually comes with a lot of preparations, and more often than not, a great deal of resources are deployed to ensure that the travel is actually takes place; and these include acquisition of an international passport, medical tests (where applicable), expensive visa processing fees, flight booking and hotel reservation.

A lot of people will do anything and everything just to actualise their international travel ambition. And to be very candid here, international travel is actually fun and something to look forward to. Travelling, especially international travels, is a form of education for the travellers as they have an opportunity to see new environments, meet new people, and learn how things are done elsewhere.

International travel affords the traveller a lot of opportunities irrespective of their original purpose of travel. These include business opportunities, educational opportunities, employment opportunities and even marital opportunities. Unfortunately, however, it is only these and many other opportunities that these (would-be) travellers see. They seem to be ignorant or care less about risks that are embedded in international travels, so they don’t take any steps towards mitigating such risks.

Travel insurances can be bought online – and there are many travel insurance providers to buy from. All you need to do is locate your preferred provider, and complete the online form or questionnaire, and make your payment, and policy is made available to you for immediate printing or sent to your email address. Click here to learn more.

You can also buy travel insurance offline from a local insurance company or travel agency. whatever method of purchase you choose, you can rest assured that you will be fully protected against insurable gravel insurance risks.